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  • ABC Board. The members of the Marion Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board are appointed by the City Council and oversee the operations of the City of Marion ABC Stores on East Court Street and US Highway 221 North. Profits from the operation are sent to the City. Call 652-8770, ABC Store.
  • ABC Permits. See Permits, Licenses, and Certificates.
  • ABC Regulations. See Alcohol
  • ABC Stores. See ABC Board
  • Abandoned vehicles. Vehicles left or abandoned on City property or on any public street in the City Limits can be removed by the City at the owner's expense. Call 652-5205. Police Department.
  • Accounts payable. The Accounting Division pays invoices received from vendors for all goods and services rendered. Bills are paid on or around the 10th, 20th, and 30th of the month for invoices dated the previous two weeks. Call 652-3551. Finance Department.
  • Addressing. Addressing of properties in the City of Marion and throughout McDowell County is handled by the McDowell County 911 Addressing Office, located in the McDowell County Communications Center in the lower level of the Police Department at 270 South Main Street. Call 652-4000 for more information.
  • Administration. See City Manager
  • Advisory boards. See Boards and commissions
  • Agendas. See City Council Agendas
  • Alcohol. The consumption of alcohol is prohibited in City-owned or leased buildings, in City parks, on all City-owned or leased property, and on public streets, sidewalks, alleys, and rights-of-way in the City Limits.

    The sale of alcohol, including beer, wine, and liquor, in restaurants and retail stores in the City Limits is regulated by the N.C. ABC Commission. State law pre-empts local control over the location of alcohol sales, once the sale of alcohol has been approved in a City, except for allowing the local government to comment on zoning and building code compliance, the location of the establishment, and the criminal history of the applicant. Call the Police Department at 652-5205 for more information.
  • Annexation. 652-3551. City Manager's Office. Annexation into the City Limits is required before a property owner can tap on to City sewer services or tap on to City water services if both water and sewer service are available. Applications for voluntary annexation into the City of Marion may be obtained from the City Manager's office, 652-3551. The City Manager's office, 652-3551, also coordinates City-initiated annexation procedures.
  • Animal control. 652-5205. Police Department. Dogs and cats must be kept under restraint at all times inside the City Limits. If not confined to its owner's or keeper's property, a dog should be on a leash, or in a vehicle and unable to bite a person outside the vehicle. It is a violation of the City's Animal Control Ordinance to allow dogs or cats to annoy neighbors through excessive noise, to run at large without proper collar and identification, to run at-large while in heat, or while creating a public nuisance such as bothering, threatening or chasing people, cyclists or vehicles or spreading garbage or damaging public property. Vicious, fierce, or dangerous dogs must be confined within a building or secure enclosure and must be securely muzzled when removed from the building or enclosure. Livestock are prohibited from the City unless certain criteria is met. Marion is a bird sanctuary. Call 652-5205, Police Department.
  • Arbor Day. 652-3551. Administrative Assistant to the City Manager. The Tree Board coordinates annual Arbor Day celebrations at Marion and Eastfield Elementary Schools, involving tree planting at various locations across the City. Contact the Administrative Assistant to the City Manager for more information.
  • Assessments. 652-3551. Finance Department. Property liens from assessments for demolition, paving, street and sidewalk improvements, and lot cleaning are maintained by the Finance Office. Assessments should be verified with the Tax Collector before finalizing land transfers.
  • Auctions. 652-6151. Purchasing Department. Surplus equipment, automobiles, trucks, and heavy equipment are generally sold via the online auction service. Other surplus materials valued at less than $30,000 may be sold periodically through private sale or other methods allowed by law.
  • Audit. 652-3551. Finance Department. As required by State law, the City is audited each year by an independent Certified Public Accounting firm. The City's financial statements are prepared in accordance with the standards of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). The audit report must be reviewed and approved by the State Treasurer's Office Local Government Commission and then is presented to the City Council. Copies of the most recent audit report may be reviewed at City Hall or viewed on the City's website.