Parks & Recreation

The City of Marion provides a number of park and recreational facilities for City and County residents, ranging from a large downtown park to mini-parks in residential communities to greenways. Parks and recreation have been a major priority of the Mayor and City Council for many years, as part of the City's efforts to provide more open space and improve the quality of life in Marion. The City designates funding each year for the development and enhancement of park and recreation facilities in the community.

The City's Parks and Recreation Department provides for maintenance and operatioPRC 4 (JPEG)n of all City park and recreation facilities. The Parks and Recreation Department has no employees and all maintenance work is performed by Public Works Department personnel. The City of Marion does not provide recreational programming. Such programs are provided by McDowell County and the Maxwell M. Corpening, Jr. Memorial YMCA for City and County residents. For more information about recreation programs, please contact the McDowell County Parks and Recreation Department or the Corpening YMCA by calling 828-659-9622.

For more information about City parks and recreational opportunities, please call City Hall at 828-652-3551 or the Public Works Department. A list of rules pertaining to each facility is posted at each park location. Read through the Facility Rules and Regulations for the parks, greenway, and trails. If you are having an event at any of our parks and recreational facilities, you must submit the Responsibility Statement in advance.