Cemetery Services


The Cemetery Division is responsible for maintenance of and improvements to Oak Grove Cemetery. On July 1, 2014, the Cemetery Division also assumed maintenance of the Morehead Cemetery, located off of Morehead Road behind Oak Grove Cemetery. All mowing services and construction projects conducted at Oak Grove Cemetery and Morehead Cemetery are performed by contract services coordinated through the City of Marion Public Works Department.

Please note that all cemetery plots in Oak Grove Cemetery have been sold. Burials at Morehead Cemetery are handled by the McDowell Cemetery Association. There are currently no plots available for purchase at Morehead Cemetery.

Mausoleum & Columbarium Purchases

Mausoleum crypts and columbarium niches are available for purchase in the Oak Grove Cemetery. To purchase spaces in the mausoleum or columbarium, or for more information regarding Oak Grove Cemetery or Morehead Cemetery, please call Marion City Hall at 828-652-3551 or fax at 828-652-1983.