Utility Maintenance


The Utility Maintenance Division consists of the Utility Maintenance Superintendent and nine personnel, and is responsible for:

  • Constructing water line extensions
  • Installing water meters
  • Making water and sewer line repairs
  • Making water and sewer line taps
  • Overseeing contracted water and sewer projects
  • Reading water meters

The Utility Maintenance Division reads over 4,300 meters monthly and maintains over 100 miles of water distribution lines and over 80 miles of wastewater collection lines, serving over 4,300 water customers and over 3,100 wastewater customers.

Water and sewer extensions are coordinated through the Public Works Department, according to City policy. Please contact the Utility Maintenance Superintendent for more information regarding installation and extension requests.

Billing & Projects

Repair and replacement projects are completed according to a set priority list prepared by the Public Works Department and Utility Maintenance Superintendent. This list is revised periodically by the City Manager and City Council. Water and sewer billing is handled through the Finance Department. 

For more information regarding utility billing or to apply for service please contact the utility billing counter at 828-652-3551 or click here to visit the utility billing page for more details. An application for service and deposit is required prior to establishing service.