The Sanitation Division consists of the Sanitation Superintendent and seven employees and provides several programs that ensure a clean and healthful environment for our City. The division is responsible for weekly garbage collection at residential properties, for street trash pick-up, for collection of residential and commercial recyclables, and for pick-up of garbage containers at commercial buildings. Items picked up by the Sanitation Division are taken to the McDowell County Landfill for disposal. 

For more information on weekly collection schedules and to learn more about sanitation services provided to the community visit the Waste and Recycling page.

Public Notice

During the week of Monday, November 21 through Friday, November 25, all residential garbage and street trash will be collected two (2) days in advance, except in the Eastfield area.  For example, if you do not live in the Eastfield area and your regularly scheduled collection day for garbage and street trash is Wednesday November 23rd, your garbage and street trash will be collected on Monday November 21st.  The Eastfield area will remain on regular schedule. 


The Sanitation Division provides services to approximately 3,200 residences and over 240 businesses in the City. The Sanitation Division is responsible for collecting:

  • Commercial garbage
  • Residential garbage
  • Residential recyclables
  • Commercial recyclables
  • Household street trash
  • Yard waste and brush
  • Leaves

The City maintains a recycling participation rate of 27%.

Commercial Recycling Program

The commercial recycling program involves the placement of containers at various business locations within the City for the recycling of corrugated cardboard, aluminum, and junk mail. In July 2012, the City took over the collection of commercial recyclables from a private contractor in order to save approximately $25,000 per year and also to receive revenues from the sale of cardboard. Per agreement with McDowell County, the City and County split the revenues from the cardboard.

Sanitation Department Documents