City Manager

The City Manager's Office at City Hall houses the City Manager, City Clerk and support staff.


The City Manager is appointed by the Marion City Council to manage the day-to-day operations of municipal services and government. Bob Boyette currently serves as City Manager.

The manager serves as Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for implementing and enforcing policies and ordinances of the City Council, developing the city budget, and hiring department heads and supervising all City departments.

The City Manager’s office provides timely and accurate information about City services, programs and issues to Marion's residents and utility customers. Toward that end, the department works with news organizations, maintains the City’s Government Access Channel and assists in maintaining the City’s website.

City Clerk/Public Information Officer

Landdis Hollifield serves as City Clerk/Public Information Officer and keeps minutes of City Council meetings, maintains official records and documents, gives public notice of meetings, and performs other duties required by law or at the direction of Marion City Council.