Planning & Development


The mission of the Department is to protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the public, enhance the quality of residential and commercial areas, and facilitate the orderly growth and development of the community.


The Planning and Development Services Department is responsible for the planning, review, and compliance of growth and development of private and public improvements within the City of Marion. 

Development Regulations

The Department is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the City's development regulations, and the facilitation and implementation of development plans. This is accomplished through the administration of the North Carolina Building Code, and the Marion City Code for zoning, subdivision, floodplain management, and civil nuisance.


The Department provides staff support to the Planning Board, Board of Adjustment, and Historic Preservation Commission. The Department also provides support and guidance to other agencies and organizations to carry out community development projects and programs.

GIS Information

The City of Marion maintains GIS information for all other city departments and provides mapping services to the community. The City's online GIS portal provides information for viewing and download to support.

For more information about the Planning and Development Services Department or any of its functions, please contact our office.

Online Permitting Portal

The public can now apply for building and zoning permits online. A twelve-digit county tax parcel number will be required to apply for a permit. A link to the McDowell County GIS Tax Map is available in the portal to help you find the correct parcel number. Applications submitted without the correct parcel number will be rejected.