Organize A Tree Planting Activity

City Surveyor Measuring a TreeThe Marion Tree Board invites everyone to take part in caring for our community’s urban forest, and with so many opportunities you can have fun while making a positive impact. To help you get started, we have listed a number of activities that you can do with family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers.

Examples of Activities


  • Hold a poster, poem, or essay contest about trees at school or in your youth group.
  • Perform a skit at school, church, or in your youth group.
  • Organize a tree-planting activity with your friends, family, or class.
  • Organize a cleanup a neighborhood cleanup with you and your friends.

Family & Friends

  • Having a birthday party, anniversary, or another special occasion? Have a Tree Party and plant a tree to mark the special occasion.
  • Plant a tree for someone you know.
  • Educate yourself and others on the benefits of trees.

Neighborhood & Homeowner's Associations

  • Identify and protect champion trees in your neighborhood.
  • Spread the word to neighbors about the hazards of topping trees.
  • Establish a “Neighbor Woods” group.
  • Inventory trees in your neighborhood.
  • Pick an area in the neighborhood to plant a tree(s) or establish a community garden.
  • Hold a tree tour in your neighborhood.
  • Create a service project to clean up a woodland or open space area in your neighborhood.


  • Add landscaping around your business or in your parking area to improve the visual appearance, improve stormwater runoff, and reduce your energy bill.
  • Organize a “Treerrific” or “Treemendous” sale and provide a discount to patrons who support a community tree project or pledge a portion of sales to a Marion Tree Board project.
  • Participate or support a community service project to clean open space areas around your business.
  • Put up a window that draws attention to the importance of trees.

Civic Groups, Churches, & Other Non-Profit Organizations

  • Include a bulletin in your regular flyer or newsletter about the importance of trees as it relates to topics of discussion in your organization.
  • Sponsor or organize a community service project that enhances the community’s urban forest.
  • Develop a presentation to present to your organization to educate others on the importance and/or benefits of trees or invite someone to make a presentation to your group.
  • Hold contests within your organization that encourages and promotes good stewardship over our community trees.
  • Donate labor, materials, trees, or money to support a community tree-planting project.
  • Voice your appreciation and support for having a community urban forestry program.