Water Plant


The Water Treatment Plant Department consists of the Water and Wastewater Treatment Superintendent and 4.5 employees, and is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the City's Water Treatment Plant and drinking water intake and storage facilities, and performs all requirement treatment processes and testing on drinking water as required by State and Federal law.


The City's Water Treatment Plant was constructed in 1954 and can treat up to four million gallons per day (4 mgd). At present, 4,000,000 million gallons of finished water can be stored at the existing tanks on Summit Street, and 1,200,000 gallons can be stored in the clear wells located at the Water Plant.

Current Water Demand

The current water demand is about 1,500,000 gallons per day, meaning the City has about 3.5 days supply of finished water. The City water plant provides water to over 4,300 customers within the City and in areas outside the City.

Water Supply

The City's obtains its drinking water supply from three creeks located west of the City:

  • Buck Creek: 3 mgd
  • Mackey Creek: 0.84 mgd
  • Clear Creek: 0.41 mgd

Water from Buck Creek is pumped to the Water Plant for treatment, while water from Mackey Creek and Clear Creek flows by gravity to the Water Plant for treatment.

Consumer Confidence Report

Each year, the Water Plant Department publishes, as required by law, a Consumer Confidence Report detailing the water treatment and testing program.